Plastic Park at Protos

Protos is set to become the home to the UK’s first Plastic Park. A concept developed by Peel L&P Environmental, Plastic Parks provide a complete solution for the 4.9 million tonnes of plastic waste generated in the UK each year, preventing it ending up in landfill, exported overseas or in the ocean.

Pale Blue Swoosh

The Plastic Parks will deal with plastic waste where recycling has previously not been a viable option. They will take plastic that’s at the end of its life, maximising what can be removed for recycling, with the remaining non-recyclable plastic used to create electricity, hydrogen or other products.

We estimate that the UK needs to invest over £7.5bn in infrastructure to deal with plastic waste over the next 10 years, with Plastic Parks across the country. The first park at Protos will set a blueprint for the rest of the UK revolutionising the way that plastic waste is currently handled. The Plastics Parks concept is part of Peel L&P’s wider sustainability commitments and contribution to net zero emissions in the UK. For more information click here.