On 10th November 2016, the Government published the Northern Powerhouse Investment Opportunities – a portfolio of the north’s most significant development projects that will help drive the region’s economic renaissance and industrial strategy for the UK.

Protos, Peel Environmental’s landmark destination for energy, innovation and industry, is one of just 13 projects featured in the document, which will be used as a springboard to attract UK and international investment.

View the Protos profile on the Department of International Trade Website here.

Myles Kitcher, Managing Director of Protos, said:

“We’ve been an enthusiastic advocate for the Northern Powerhouse. The overarching ambitions to stimulate economic growth, develop a skilled workforce and boost productivity typify what we set out to achieve at Protos, our flagship energy destination in the North West bringing industrial strategy to life.

“We are proud that Protos is now part of this catalytic portfolio of strategic development sites and is set to be at the forefront of driving northern investment.

“Protos has already progressed significantly, with new road infrastructure and energy facilities creating a destination for energy, industry and innovation. With the Government steadfast in its support for northern growth, Protos can play an important role in retaining skilled workers and powering the region.”