The opening of Thornton Science Park’s new Energy Centre has been heralded as major progress for the region’s energy sector by Peel and the Protos team.

Providing a demonstration environment where new energy technologies can be developed and tested, the state-of-the-art centre brings industry and academia together to drive innovation. Thornton Science Park has announced that Powerhouse Energy Group will become its first commercial tenant at the facility.

Located close to Protos, the Energy Centre is just one example of how collaboration between Peel, the University of Chester and its partners is helping foster investment in new energy sources.

Jane Gaston, Protos Development Director, said:

“We’re extremely enthusiastic about the Energy Centre and the role it will play in putting this region at the heart of the UK’s energy innovation. It perfectly demonstrates the journey that new energy technologies will take from research and development at Thornton to deployment at a commercial scale at Protos – all within one destination.

“This joined-up approach not only supports new energy enterprises by providing a clear route to expansion, it involves and nurtures the next generation of bright minds coming through the University of Chester’s Faculty of Science and Engineering.”