A new video and striking new pictures show how the Protos site is being transformed.

The video which you can view on our SITE INFO page uses footage captured between April and September 2016 by Aerochester, an initiative of the University of Chester, and shows the progression of works including the upgrading of Pool Lane roundabout and Grinsome Road, as well as internal site roads and the biomass facility.

The images – which you can view by scrolling down – show the progress made on the Phase One infrastructure at Protos (due to be complete by the end of 2016) alongside the work underway to construct the Protos biomass facility, with workers currently erecting the building that will house energy-generating kit.

The latest pictures reveal the exciting transformation of the Protos development site, with the neighbouring Frodsham wind farm visible in some of the shots.



Construction of the new bridge over West Central Drain (foreground) and the Biomass facility (background)


Construction work associated with the phase 1 infrastructure

planing-along-grinsome-roadWidening and resurfacing of Grinsome Road


New roundabout on Grinsome Road providing access to new internal site roads. Turbines at Frodsham Wind Farm visible in the background.


Upgraded Marsh Lane (foreground) and the Biomass Facility under construction and Frodsham Wind Farm (background)

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