Lois Kay, Development Surveyor at Peel L&P Environmental, talks about the Community Benefit Fund, and why it’s needed more now than ever.

At Peel L&P Environmental, Protos is part of the community we operate in. We feed into the community in a number of ways including through the Community Forum, a group made up of local representatives which provides a link between the community and the project team. Since 2016, we have also been able to do this through the Community Benefit Fund. We set aside money each year to support local projects in the parishes of Ince, Elton, Helsby, Frodsham, Thornton le Moors and Little Stanney. This year, we contributed £40,000 to the Fund.

There is more reason now than ever to make the most of the Community Benefit Fund. During the pandemic, community has become so important and our fund can go towards something that will be enjoyed by local people. To help you understand what the Fund can be used for, here are some of the projects we’ve supported so far.  


The Fund supported a number of improvements at Elton Primary School, including a multi-use games area for playtimes and sport, playground painting and an interactive screen. Funding also helped provide the school with new carpets, and the village with new play equipment.


New markings and nets were needed for courts at Helsby Tennis Club’s Castle Park, which supports the Club with community engagement, providing the opportunity for more people take up tennis. Funding this through the Community Benefit Fund has helped the club offer free tennis events to the local youth club.


The village hall in Ince was in need of refurbishment to allow the launch of local activities such as indoor bowling and yoga. The Community Benefit Fund paid for repairs to the roof, new windows and the sanding of the floor. Ince Parish Council were also awarded grants to carry out tree works on Station Road, new flooring for an outdoor play area, as well as adventure and playground equipment.

Thornton Le Moors

Further playground equipment was installed in Thornton Le Moors, adding new life to the neglected village green. It’s rewarding to see local families and children enjoying the new equipment.


We funded new practice equipment for the St Laurence Frodsham bellringers. This example highlights the wide range of causes we support. This group meets every week to practice so they can ring the eight bells needed for Sunday and wedding services. We were happy to support something so iconic.

Most recently, the Fund covered the cost of replacement fencing around steep sided quarries in Harmers Wood. The fencing desperately needed replacing after becoming unsafe, but is now available for use by local schools, Brownies clubs and residents, and it has brought this area back into use.

Having been involved in the Community Forum meetings with representatives from Ince, Elton, Helsby, Frodsham, Thornton le Moors, and Little Stanney and District, I am really pleased to see the local groups and buildings that have benefitted so far from the fund.

The Community Benefit Fund committee actively encourages applications, so hopes to hear from you soon.

For details of how to apply to the Protos Community Benefit Fund, and contact information for local Community Benefit Fund members, please click here