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Plastic Recycling Facility planned for Protos

Enviroo is looking to build a plastic recycling facility at the Plastic Park planned for Protos. The Plastic Park will cluster together plastic recycling and recovery technologies to create value from plastic waste, helping to avoid it ending up in landfill, exported overseas or in our oceans. The facility follows planning permission being granted for a plastic to hydrogen facility earlier this year. For further information on the Plastic Park click here

The Enviroo facility will take used PET (polyethylene terephthalate) – the main material used for food and drinks packaging such as plastic bottles and certain food packaging – and convert it into the raw material for new food-grade packaging, without any waste.

The facility will see an investment of around £20 million into the local economy and create 50 new, permanent jobs. It will also reduce the need for virgin plastic, preventing the extraction of natural resources.

A consultation on the plans has been launched for local people to have their say. This closes on 29th October 2020.

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