Nature areas

Over 50 hectares of land is being dedicated to nature at Protos where over 2,600 trees have already been planted. Snipe Haven and Goldfinch Meadows are two purpose built habitats which are home to an array of flowers, butterflies and birds. Large constructed ponds and scrapes with wetland fringes give the perfect environment for water dwelling wildlife.

Local people can explore Goldfinch Meadows on their own or follow one of the walking routes. Snipe Haven is an extensive area entirely dedicated to nature, with habitats created particularly for water voles and wading birds. To help protect these species Snipe Haven is not open to the public.

Look out for the information boards with fascinating wildlife facts for all ages. The species you see will depend on the time of day and season so there is always something new to discover.

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Spring/Summer Wildlife at Protos

Black-tailed godwit
A mallard with her young
Cetti warbler
A pair of shelducks

Elton Primary School Logo Competition Winners

We worked with Year 5 primary school children to develop the logos for Snipe Haven and Goldfinch Meadows. The logos are now in use on signs at Protos's nature areas.